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7 things you must know and do before, during, and after finding an apartment

The transition of moving out of an apartment and moving into a new one could be one of the most excruciating experiences. This journey should be about marking new beginnings and visualizing your life for the next couple of years in the apartment.

However, the transitioning journey is never an easy one. Be it the emotional turmoil of leaving an old place with memories or the hassle that follows while finding a new place, moving into it, and then settling in it. Here is a list of things that can help you make this clearer approach towards renting a new space and making an informed decision.

1. Budget everything

One of the most essential things, before you start looking for an apartment, would be to include everything in your budget. Finances could sometimes be a pain, but it is crucial. You must include everything - trips to check out different apartments, brokerage, registration & stamp duty, movers & packers services, the pre-moving out, and post-moving expenses, and of course, the Security Deposit and the monthly rent. Set an overall budget and then segregate the amount for all the things that are a part of this process. Be sure to include timeframes in your budget too. Start planning at least six weeks before your moving-out date and spare some funds in case you exceed that timeline.

2. Research the neighborhoods

Conduct a detailed research of the neighborhoods you think you might like and make internet your best friend by optimizing web searches like ‘Rent flats near me’ and if you are looking to find a place in Mumbai or Thane, you can start with ‘Rent flats in Mumbai’ or ‘Rent flats in Thane’. Consider the proximity of the location to your workplace, grocery/shopping stores, and public transport availability. The factors to keep in mind would be security, schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities, etc. Talk to the security personnel if you can to get a general feel of the residents. Look for more apartments for rent/flats on rent in the same neighborhood if you like. Check out the parks, the malls, and the essential services around the neighborhood. Additionally, do not forget to make note of the hot spots and cool places to hang out. This might be your home for the next couple of years, you would like to make sure it’s safe, friendly, and makes you want to come home from a long day of work.

3. Make checklists

Put pen to paper and start making lists of the things you would need in your new apartment. Conduct thorough research on your preferred location/s and make a list of all the housing societies in the vicinity. Make a list of all the things that you would ever want to have in an apartment and narrow it down to the things you definitely need. For instance, you might want a Walk-In wardrobe or a Jacuzzi in your home but what you need is a fairly spacious closet that fits all your wardrobe essentials and a shower that works perfectly with a decent water supply. While it is helpful to make an elaborative list, it is essential to have a prioritize in order to make the right choice. That said, let the list of criteria be a little flexible when taking the final call.

4. Scout apartments the right way

Scouting apartments can often end up taking most of your time. The trips to different neighborhoods, finding the apartment that checks off all the boxes for you, coming to terms with the owner, etc. can be a lot to handle. Hence, hiring a property manager comes in handy or a property management firm that provides Relationship Management support with a Subject Matter Expert. This additional support could help you find the best-suited apartment in your preferred location, within your budget, and along with other requirements. This will help save time and get an expert opinion.

Be sure to check the condition and sizing of the bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, and the functionality of the water supply, electrical switchboards, etc. If you happen to find an apartment that checks off all the criteria from your list, shortlist the apartment!

5. Go digital with the paperwork

You might feel like once you find the apartment and book it, the sail ahead will be smooth. That probably won’t be the case since the Registration & Stamp Duty process includes a handful of paperwork and that is always the most tedious part. Collating the required documents, signing on multiple papers, reading consent forms and agreements - all of this may seem a tad bit overwhelming. But to ease this process, you can apply online to get your rental agreement and registration done without having to step out and get it delivered to you, and as per Article 25 of Schedule I of Bombay Stamp Act, you would be required to pay 1% of the Rental Value of the property.

6.Avail professional cleaning services

You want to mark this journey on a good, fresh, and clean note. It makes sense to get the apartment cleaned before you move in since it will be empty and easier to clean. More importantly, it would be wise to get rid of the stains, rust, dust, and dirt if the apartment has been vacant for too long. Perhaps you can start this new journey by availing professional Deep Cleaning Service that offers a holistic hospitality experience with professional equipment, covering every nook and corner of your new apartment.

7. Pack and move, but professionally

This could be a time for concern, because of all the glass plates, cutlery, paintings, and showpieces you have which could easily crack and break. It is wise to find a trusted Movers & Packers service provider who would come inspect your apartment and luggage, give you a quotation, and based on this, you can decide if it’s a fair price or not. Check if they include bubble wrapping and packing delicate items. Get quotations from multiple service providers to get an idea on what is the current market rate to make an informed decision. And to make things easier during unpacking, you can segregate the boxes and label them.

Final thoughts:

Getting through the entire checklist and more is only the beginning of yet another exciting journey in your life. Once you have shifted to your new apartment, be sure to make it yours. By that, maybe have a small area dedicated to the things that reflect you as a person. Define the taste of your new space with some lights, lamps, a bean bag, or an armchair - whatever you would prefer. Buy furniture and appliances or rent them and create a space you would like to come home to after a long day of work or a long night of adventure.

About MultiLiving: MultiLiving is a tech-enabled platform that offers a complete array of solutions that help you maximize the worth of your Home and enhance the quality of your lifestyle. We cater to all needs related to residential property across its life cycle. Right from a property investor who struggles to find time to manage and maintain their investment(s), someone who owns the home they live in and are concerned about maintenance and repairs, or someone who’s moved across states and is looking to rent a small space in the big city - we assist all with the residential property-related needs. Our primary aim is to make “home” experiences for our consumers a hassle-free one and enable a seamless transitioning journey.

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