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Things you can do at home and for your home this lockdown

It’s been a while since the second wave of the virus clawed India. This time around things seem far more serious and we might be stuck at home longer than expected. While last time most of us spent time at homes healing and rejuvenating, perhaps this time around we could help our homes heal and rejuvenate due to the fact that it needs our attention?

So let’s dive into the list of things you can do in this lockdown at home, for your home.

1. Clean your entire apartment

It seems like you would be spending a lot more time at your home and with your home once again in 2021. It’s no longer going to be the space you come to after a long day but rather the space where you spend long hours of the day. Perhaps the first thing to consider would be to clean the entire space, every nook and corner of it. So grab your cobweb brush and start bristling and dusting. Get some cleaning chemicals and equipment and make that bathroom shine and shimmer. Dust the window panes, the coffee table, the TV set and speakers. Go out on a limb and move your furniture and appliances to get working on the stains. And if it is too overwhelming, avail professional Deep Cleaning services to avoid getting your hands dirty, quite literally. You are home for most of the time now, you might as well keep clean and pleasant.

2. Repairs & Maintenance alert

It’s time that you take things a bit more seriously before it’s too late. It’s always better to be safe with semi-regular maintenance than burning a hole in your pocket when a minor issue turns into a massive financial hazard. Look for urgent repairs & maintenance. No more temporary fixes like buckets under the leaking tap, only long-term solutions with top-notch plumbing. Whether the window panes are getting rusty or your dining table chairs need work, now is the time to get things done and get them fixed via professional utility services. Get a thorough home inspection done that could help you foresee any future damage.

3. Claim the space and make it yours

Whether you own the house or rent an apartment, the space is still yours and so it should feel like you and reflect a part of you. It could be therapeutic to make some changes, spruce it up, especially if you’re stuck at home all alone. It’s a comforting distraction from all that’s happening in the outside world. Get started with some photo frames and perhaps some graffiti artwork for walls. If you’re going for a calm but special vibe, paint the home with a combination of complimenting colours with a wide palette of shades and colours to choose from. Add some lights and lamps, and furniture. Something that you’ve been trying to get around but couldn’t find the time.

4. More run-time equals more fun-time

Take a break from watching too much content online and extend your daily workout routine if you already have one and more than staying fit, perhaps you can consider weightlifting and get those biceps and abs finally! Get an online trainer if you can, follow fitness enthusiasts and influencers on social media, make the most of free workout videos on YouTube and sync your mental health with physical fitness. Lockdown has opened up a world of opportunities for aspiring health and fitness content creators and you're a few clicks away from them. Dive all in with your workout playlist and work towards uplifting your mood and spirits by religiously exercising every day at least for an hour and sail through the day with a little bit of sweat.

5. Learn a new skill

Take baby steps. Learn something that you have always found challenging and something that scares you. Be gentle on yourself and enjoy the process of learning something new. Take it slow but take it far. We are in a pandemic, and we came through the first wave, stronger and better. Nothing seems as frightening as that anymore. So go ahead and learn something that you thought you never could. You never know, each step brings you closer to achieving something. You just need to take that first step.

6. Get gardening

It is often believed that one of the best ways to heal is by spending time with nature. The more you give the more you get. Identify a space and get started with soils and seeds. Do some research and be consistent. The more time you spend with nature, the closer you feel towards yourself.

So, get your hands on a brush and paint your fence, plant new seeds, and amend garden soil to upgrade the charm of your home.

7. Spice things up in the kitchen

We understand you miss luscious restaurant meals and roadside Pani Puris. While there are numerous options available to order food online, nothing beats the experience of going out for a meal or a plate of Momos unless you are throwing yourself a feast. So go on and do it. Learn how to cook a proper meal if you don’t yet, and try to cook regularly to get better at it. If you’ve already mastered the art of making delicious delicacies, explore beyond your horizon with different flavors and cuisine with aesthetic cooking and serving styles for WhatsApp groups and Instagram highlights. Push yourself and let out the chef within you to make the most out of the lockdown.

Final Words

These are some interesting ideas that can help make your lockdown days entertaining, engaging, and interesting at home. A little self-care and a little home care to help you get through this lockdown and feel a bit closer to yourself and the space that you like to call home. If you are in the mood to give this some thought, MultiLiving is here at your disposal for anything and everything to make this lockdown a little less sufferable with a little bit of care and attention for your home.

About MultiLiving: MultiLiving is a tech-enabled platform that offers a complete array of solutions that help you maximize the worth of your Home and enhance the quality of your lifestyle. We cater to all needs related to residential property across its life cycle. Right from a property investor who struggles to find time to manage and maintain their investment(s), someone who owns the home they live in and are concerned about maintenance and repairs, or someone who’s moved across states and is looking to rent a small space in the big city - we assist all with the residential property-related needs. Our primary aim is to make “home” experiences for our consumers a hassle-free one and enable a seamless transitioning journey.

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