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10 Best Ideas to turn your simple real estate property into an attractive one

Several factors contribute to your real estate property's aesthetic. The suggestions in this article will help you in highlighting your real estate property and attract potential buyers. The value of your property will rise, and its word will be spread. Experts at MultiLiving confirm that the pointers mentioned in the article will escalate the appeal as well as the price of your property.

The rising competition in real estate properties is clearly visible and thereby the need to stand out is a prime one. With an ever-increasing population, the demand for a property will witness steady growth, like it always has.

When homeowners don’t pay keen attention to the intrinsic health of their home, they end up renting/selling it for a minimal price. When minor aspects are taken into account, the property's value rises. Nobody wants to live in a house with damp walls, leaking faucets, inadequate ventilation, dim lighting, and untidy areas.

As a homeowner, put yourself in the shoes of your tenants and see what your property lacks. Always keep in mind that only a presentable property is marketable. If your property lacks modular facilities, it becomes difficult to rent or sell. So, before you put your house on the market, think about the internal elements described below that can entice a buyer.

What are these minor details that entice potential buyers?

  • Condition of the walls

Many times, the walls have seepage problems, cracks, damp patches, mould growth and many other complications. Opting for plaster and colour might be the right option for the short term, but to cure the problems from roots, we suggest you go for a long term adjustment.

If your home's walls have any of the mentioned problems, we recommend that you take MultiLiving's Home Health Audit, in which we identify the source of the problem and cure it, allowing you to save money on short-term repairs.

Once the walls are plastered and fixed, experiment with colour palettes. You can enhance the looks of the wall by adding frames or decorative stickers. The appearance of the walls should be fresh and comforting because it elicits a specific reaction and captures the attention right away as they are the foundation of any home.

  • Proper electrical wiring with minimal wires gaining the eyes

Nobody enjoys seeing huge wires dangling from every nook and corner of a room. Electrical wiring with good wire hiding wall plates works wonders and eliminates the need to create holes in the wall. Cable Management System is the best option in this situation. It organizes the wires in a decent setting, saving space and enhancing the look.

  • Modular switches with the best in design and reliability

No one likes outdated switches. Although the switch may appear to be a little detail, purchasers pay close attention to these modest amenities. The entire appearance of the home is improved by modular switches with elegant designs. Replacing ageing switches with modular switches improves the demand for your home. Innovative electrical outlets should be used to make every room presentable and modern.

  • Efficient drainage system

Improper drainage systems might result in clogged drains, poor fragrance around, becoming an inviting place for harmful mosquitoes and cracks and dampness in walls.

You don’t want any of this, right?

Therefore, a good drainage system is essential. All pipelines, whether they transport water or trash, should be efficient. By getting a Home Health Audit from MultiLiving you can easily locate any leakages or damages in pipes. And with that report, you can easily get it repaired. Water should flow freely; otherwise, blockage of water may cause the activation of unwelcome infections.

  • Proper Ventilation

Have you ever spotted a very particular stinky fragrance in your rooms, moisture on surfaces, no window or door for fresh air to arrive?

If so, then these are the signs of poor ventilation in your rooms. To avoid this and keep stale air at bay, it is super important to have a strong ventilation system. Efficient ventilation in rooms allows fresh pools of air to enter and foul smells to exit. Think of ventilation as the respiratory system of your body.

Free-flowing air systems are in high demand. Proper ventilation helps to maintain indoor air quality by keeping smoke, moisture, cooking odours, and any other unpleasant odours out of the way.

  • Mood Lighting

Aren’t you already bored of the simple fluorescent lights, all over your home? Don’t you think it’s high time to shift to LED?

Well, think about it.

Decorative LEDs are best for mood lighting and presenting an aesthetic appeal. This makes your home look inviting, illuminating it with the right tones. LEDs provide a stunning look to the room at an affordable price and also saves on energy. Experiment with lighting arrangement on the ceiling and walls to give spaces a dramatic aspect. It undoubtedly boosts the desire of purchasers to rent or buy a home.

  • Eye-catchy bathroom fittings

Old tiles, outdated lighting, moisture-laden walls, tired bathroom fittings, leaking taps, all contribute to a bathroom that will not delight anyone. When it's time to renovate the bathroom, pay close attention because the condition of a home's bathroom determines its livability.

Select bathroom items that are cutting-edge. Showers, sinks, bathtubs, faucets, toothbrush holders, and all other bathroom fixtures should be of high quality and in a good location. It should be spacious, with lighting installed in strategic locations. If your home is large enough, you can also have a full bathroom built or renovated, which includes a sink, toilet, shower, and bathtub.

  • Alluring flooring that compliments the colour scheme of the room

Uneven floors, cracked tiles, flooring carpet scraping off are the immediate signs to switch to new flooring, as the floor is another important feature of any house that purchasers examine first. Marbles, wood look tiles, blonde, slip-resistant, concrete, artisan, hardwood works as the best tiles for homes. Other solutions are undoubtedly accessible, and you can choose the one that best matches your needs.

  • Inviting and Presentable Exterior

When you visit a place, what do you notice first?

The Exterior, right?

The first impression is the most important. A potential buyer's first impression of a property is formed by its exterior. You might not want a bad-looking entrance as a homeowner. Every little arrangement, such as the main door, doorbell, flower pots, and lighting should appear lovely. If you wish to put extra effort you can also choose decorative deck tiles, matching materials, add interesting accessories, hang flowers, add furniture, a bamboo swing (if it matches the vibe).

Ensure that the entrance of the home complements the interior design.

  • Keep the home clean and tidy

Messy, cluttered, and dusty rooms might give you anxiety just by the name.

Who wishes to live in such a space?

This might sound like an unnecessary point to mention, but it's a consequential one. The majority of homeowners do not pay attention to keeping their homes clean. This is the most common mistake. They often feel that when someone purchases it, it will be cleaned, but who will buy it if it is filthy?

Nothing or nobody should be waited for. Maintain a clean, tidy, and presentable environment at all times.

Final Words

This is how any homeowner can transform a plain, minimalist-looking home into something appealing. Buyers of real estate pay close attention to every detail of a home, and if all of the above are addressed, the property will appear attractive and presentable, leaving them with no choice but to purchase your property.

The above-mentioned suggestions will assist you in raising your property rates, enticing potential buyers, and increasing the market demand for your property. Once you've completed these improvements, you're ready to advertise your home and pitch prospective buyers on its USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

How can MultiLiving Help You?

If you need assistance at any point in time, MultiLiving’s team is more than happy to introduce its Home health Audit, a 75+ pointer checklist, where the team thoroughly assess every minute happening in your home and escalate the lifespan of your property. With Home Health Audit, we look to the root cause of the happenings and choose the best-suited solution (a long-term one, not the temporary one). We believe in optimizing the value of your home and improving its quality.

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